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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jul 19, 2013

Episode 11 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure. This week, we are joined by friend of the show, former UFC fighter, MMA strength & conditioning coach, and one of the smartest and funniest dudes you will probably come across, Dale Hartt.

Dale joins us this week to discuss:

  • Dale shares what he feels is the biggest mistake most fighter's are making in their training program
  • Dale's opinion of the use of supplements & how his views have changed since when he was an active fighter
  • How grazing off plants in his yard has truly helped his performance and recovery
  • How a serious shoulder injury helped change Dale's view on nutrition, recovery, pre- & rehab
  • How an athlete's conditioning plays a major part in responding to the adrenal response of stress, especially in combat sports
  • The keys to performing at an "ideal level"
  • Dale's assessment of the recent Anderson Silva/Chris Weidman fight & how Silva's loss may play a part in his future as a fighter & his legacy
  • The curious case of consecutive knockouts to fighters and long-term health concerns
  • What fighters (as well as other athletes) can do to help insure longevity in competition and training
  • Mike & Dale share their funniest stories, while training at Mark Philippi's, PSI Training Center in Las Vegas, and how a moment of flatulence pushed Mark over the top
  • Dale shares his opinion on optimal meal frequency
  • Dale shares some info on the USDA, and organic, vs. "natural" 
  • GMO's, hush money, & the state of our food supply