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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jul 6, 2015

Anabolics expert, Anthony Roberts, returns to discuss steroids & anabolics 101: Truth vs. Myths. During this episode Anthony talks all the things you thought were true about the use of steroids and other anabolics, as well as, what the media didn't tell you about football legend Lyle Alzado & WWE superstar Chris Benoit. Plus, Anthony weighs in Ken Shamrock, the misconception of "'roid rage," plus the following:
  • Anthony shares some of the biggest misconceptions of anabolic use he often comes across online
  • Anthony shoots down the correlation between steroids and brain cancer, as well as addresses the tragic story of Lyle Alzado
  • What are the actual known side-effects from prolonged anabolic use & is it possible to get to counteract these symptoms
  • What are the most effective anabolics that aid in getting bigger and stronger, even if you have no desire to be a bodybuilder
  • What is the downside of testosterone creams
  • We discuss Ken Shamrock, his recent fight vs. Kimbo Slice, & his claims of not using anabolics as he prepared for the fight, despite appearing to be in the best physical shape of his career at 51
  • What is Deca D-@k and are it's side effects shared by other anabolics not naturally produced in the body
  • How much truth is there to the concept of "Roid Rage" & the guys discuss the tragic story of pro wrestler Chris Benoit and what the media didn't touch on, regarding such stories
  • What are the most "unsafe" anabolics....and it's probably NOT what you think
All this and much more:
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