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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Feb 2, 2015

Dr. William Wong returns to discuss a topic many of our listeners asked that we discuss...Erectile Dysfunction & how to address it. With Valentine's Day around the corner, the timing for this episode could not be any better. Prepare to be educated, entertained, and informed, as we discuss a topic few want to personally talk about, but many definitely want to know more about. Plus, we go in depth about the following:
  • Mike shares how he was instrumental in the title of Dr. Wong's new book on erectile dysfunction
  • How do events such as daily stress or an extreme event such as sexual abuse play a part in contributing to erectile dysfunction
  • What are the 4 things that are absolutely necessary to have an erection
  • Why is dopamine so important for healthy sexual function 
  • Why should men NOT take cialis, levitra, or viagra
  • How do fats fuel sex hormones and which fats should you consume for optimal sexual health
  • Dr. Wong shares how fast food plays a major part in poor sexual health
  • How does spinach help increase testosterone
  • Why is Dr. Wong a big fan of highland maca 
  • Why everything you know about fish oil is wrong & what is a better alternative for recovery
  • How does systemic enzymes play a major role in eradicating erectile dysfunction
  • How does coffee help fight off ED
  • Why pharmaceutical giant Eli Lilly is making sure you will never get the best "natural" erection enhancer
  • Why is is important to start "modifying" your training program "after" age 27
  • Why does the "1 minute man" syndrome happen & how can men avoid it
All this and much more:
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