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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jun 30, 2018

 LLA Premium Episode #231: Sex-appeal strategist and serial entrepreneur Lauryn Doll joins us to discuss the following:
  • Lauryn discusses why your friends closely impact your financial success or lack thereof
  • Lauryn shares why the mantra, in the tradition of Kanye, "f-ck you, pay me" is a choice in order to be a successful entrepreneur
  • Lauryn talks creating attention-grabbing adcopy, Craigslist ads, the fall of, selling underwear in ziploc bags
  • How people are making $20K a month writing the "unthinkable," and why you should never sell yourself short when trying to find a captive audience
  • How the Amazon Wish list and Patreon is an overlooked and successful business model for a certain genre of entrepreneurs & why
  • Lauryn discusses the age of the "transactional behavior
  • The truth behind the "grown-a-- man" with a million demands bios found on dating sites
  • What you can learn from Trump on the importance of staying on brand, no matter what
  • Lauryn discuses how to not low-ball yourself and the main habit that helps you determine your the price of your services
  • What is the real point of having credit cards, and why you're probably doing it wrong
  • Lauryn and the guys talk "professional" instagram influencers with 200 followers
  • How not to confuse the flaws of network marketing and affiliate marketing, and why one is nothing more than a "chain-letter mentality" that has leaked into other aspects of capitalism
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