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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Dec 29, 2017

LLA Episode #218: It's our annual year end episode. On this episode we discuss the following:
  • Mike and Sincere share their favorite episodes of 2017 and why
  • What is the future of the LLA free episodes
  • Why it's more important to become a Patreon premium episode subscriber more than ever
  • Future guests for 2018
  • Why the...

Dec 9, 2017

LLA Episode #217: Fitness legend and author of one of the most influential training books, "Bulgarian Power Burst," Leo Costa joins us to discuss surviving 3 strokes in 3 weeks, strength training wisdom from the Bulgarians, plus the following:
  • How did Leo utilize the knowledge gained from an exclusive trip to visit...