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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jul 16, 2018

LLA Premium Episode #230: top strength coach and plant-based athlete, Scott Shetler returns to discuss the following:
  • Scott discusses if there is any carry-over of pistol squats to improve barbell squats
  • Why is it sometimes a good idea to get a fresh pair of "experienced" eyes to assist you past training plateaus
  • Is there any benefit to intentionally-slow deadlifts
  • Is there still a place for the lost art of isometrics in today's training world
  • What is Scott's approach to training professional fighters
  • What is Scott's opinion of the barbell roll, dip, and drive technique during deadlifts
  • The guys share their thoughts on being "genetically-gifted" when making a plant-based lifestyle work
  • The guys talk Rogan, misplaced advice, unsolicited d-ck pics, and real world connections
  • The problem on online "personalize" training programs and why putting in 10 years in your field is not that long
All this and much more:
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