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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Feb 17, 2014

Dr. Peter Rouse  ( returns to the show to discuss the topic of nootropics and its growing popularity. During Ep.#54, Peter also shares some insight on cognitive health, improving brain function, addressing neurological health, free testosterone vs. total testosterone, "gluten- free" & fluoride myths, as well as the following:


  • Peter discusses free testosterone vs. total testosterone in athletic performance and which is more important
  • Peter shares what tests are most optimal for monitoring free testosterone, cortisol, and adrenal levels
  • Why does Mike want centenarians to have low testosterone levels
  • What exactly are nootropics and how can they make you feel like you're in the movie "Limitless"
  • Peter shares his view and findings on the controversial use of fluoride
  • How is aspartame connected to phenylalanine and how are they different
  • Peter discusses how he helps his clients get past sugar cravings and what types of cravings are far worse
  • Peter shares why he thinks the "gluten-free" market is scam
  • Why glucose is not the best for brain energy, and what is?
  • How much daily protein intake is optimal?
  • How addictive is sugar and is it as addictive as heroin?
  • What sugar is actually a healthy source of combating candida
  • Is there a better alternative to modafinil
  • What are the benefits of dopamine enhancers such as Mucuna
  • What is neurotransmitter balance and testing
  • What form of hemp is actually good for neurological health
  • Peter shares his top 5 nootropic suggestions
  • What are the benefits of neuroprotector supplements such as lion's mane & Brain Shield
  • What are the benefits of Magnolia Bark in terms of depression, infections, and brain health
  • The benefits of taking 300-400mg of CoQ10 and why you should take more when your taking a  flight, during travel
Links & Resources:
1. Grain Brain (Download it for free at 
5. Brainwave Plus & Brain Shield: (Get $10 of your 1st purchase of $30 or more at Vitacost)
6. Magnolia Bark: 
8. The Second Brain: