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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Dec 17, 2016

Harley Flanagan, longtime member of legendary New York hardcore band, The Cro-Mags, makes his debut appearance on the LLA Show, and he pulls no punches discussing his conflicts with former bandmate, childhood friend, and past LLA show guest, John Joseph, training jiu-jitsu with the Gracies, plus the following:
  • Mike shares how Haley influenced various aspects of his life, from choosing plant-based lifestyle to physical training
  • Harley describes how music and jiu-jitsu helped him cope with the regularity of violence, drugs, and growing up in a hardcore urban environment
  • Harley & Sincere share how the absence of their biological fathers influenced their approach to fatherhood
  • What kids and dogs can teach us about giving a f#ck
  • Harley discusses his side of the infamous Webster Hall incident between him and fellow Cro-Mag band-mate John Joseph
  • Why did Harley, in spite of the Webster Hall incident, still attempted to get the Cro-Mags together again, including John
  • Mike and Harley talk reconciliation, the Cro-Mags, the RKC, Pavel, & Steve Cotter
  • How did Harley help a father deal with the loss of his wife, during the September 11 terrorist attacks
  • Harley discusses how being involved with jiu-jitsu for over 2 decades has been rewarding to not only him, but all his students
All this and much more:
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