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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Oct 22, 2018

LLA Episode #241: Strength coach and co-founder of Panama-based Briga Training, Ory Ortega, returns to discuss the following:

  • The guys discuss how, after nearly a decade, they all connected and how life-changing Mike's "Collision Course" was or them
  • Ory shares his experience attending a recent concert of friend of the...

Oct 15, 2018

 LLA Episode #239: Top fitness pro Michael Seril, joins us to discuss the following:
  • The guys speak about trainers who suffer from F.C.A. (fitness conference addiction)
  • What is the one thing that is not usually the focus of the big fitness conferences that every trainer needs to know, but may not want to know

Oct 4, 2018

LLA Ep.#238: Top Fitness pro, kettlebell expert, longtime MMA practitioner, and very FIRST LLA show guest, Ken Blackburn joins on on this episode of the LLA Show.

  • Ken talks training pro MMA fighters, while visiting Albuquerque
  • Ken discusses the natural transition of moving from one focus of the fitness business to...

Sep 28, 2018

LLA Ep.#237: Adelita's Way frontman, Rick DeJesus, joins us to talk how living by his own rules pisses off most major record label execs, why streaming service Spotify is the future of music , Adelita's Way's @WWE connection, predictions on the upcoming  Conor vs. Khabib UFC matchup & more.

All this and much more:

Sep 17, 2018

LLA Premium Episode #236: LLA Show fan favorite, Christian Thibaudeau, returns to what has to be one of our favorite episodes of the year, and favorite chats with Christian, as he discusses the following:

  • Mike talks the benefits of high frequency deadlifting
  • What is "strength skill" and why does Christian feel it is...