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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Aug 21, 2017

Voice For The Animals founder and animal right advocate, Melya Kaplan, returns to discuss pairing vets with rescues, taking on the L.A. Zoo, dealing with childhood abuse, as well as the following:
  • How has Melya's mission with Voice For The Animals taken her from working directly with the LAPD to working with police departments in Greece
  • Melya discusses the connection between animal cruelty to school shootings 
  • Melya shares the current situation w/the LA Zoo, Billy the Elephant, and what you may not know about your local zoo
  • What is  VFTA's involvement with L.A.'s Skid Row
  • How has VFTA's program with ferrel cats helped florists, as well as help combat the risks associated with chemicals utilized by pest control companies
  • Melya discusses programs that help pair vets and rescues, such as Wolves & Warriors
  • Melya talks bouts with depression, personal sexual and physical abuse, and turning tragedy into triumph
  • How does Melya mentally and emotionally deal with the constant exposure of seeing animal suffering  
All this and much more:
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