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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Aug 19, 2016

Popular LLA Show guest, Thomas Inclendon (aka "the World's Strongest Scientist) returns to discuss the following:
  • Thomas discusses the ins and outs of gut health
  • Why does the amount of probiotics used in studies pale in comparison to what is available at your local supplement shop, and which is a waste of time
  • How do probiotics affect blood pressure and the nervous system
  • Thomas addresses suggestive marketing of consuming significant amounts of fermented foods and/or probiotics supplements for digestive health
  • How does stress play a part, in terms of digestive health
  • Thomas discusses how C-sections may have an affect on a child's digestive health, even into adulthood
  • How does the healthy bacteria in our digestive system influence the most common viruses
  • How do certain organisms affect testosterone health
  • Why should you pick up a bag of flaxseed fiber, during your next visit to Costco
  • Thomas shares his garlic/blender experiment
  • What is central sleep apnea and why does it afect more ex-NFL players and MMA fighters
All this and much more:
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