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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jun 5, 2018

LLA Ep #228: Australian metalcore band Earth Caller frontman, Josh Collard checks in with us from the land down under, to discuss the following:
  • Mike shares how it would be easy to confuse the lyrics of one Earth Caller track w/Fifty Shades "Mahler"
  • Josh shares how his desire to help others and keeping up with everyday events inspire the message behind Earth Caller's lyrics
  • Josh shares the story of how the lyrics of a certain Earth Caller song helped a fan reconsider committing suicide and continue to push forward
  • The guys discuss the importance of competition
  • How Spotify is slowly becoming iRobot, and why your significant other cannot compete
  • What is Josh's connection to police brutality and girls twerking, and why will this most likely lead to getting him on the "no-fly" list
  • What is the "only" fitness advice Josh feels he is qualified to give, and why most men will be glad to hear it
  • How has Josh's past played a part in his lyrics, as well as his message he delivers in his motivational speaking life
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