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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Oct 21, 2013

Nadine Hays Pisani ( and her husband Rob, decided to escape the stressful life of running their financially successful chiropractic practices in New York and moved to Costa Rica. As Nadine states on her website, although Costa Rica it is not an island, they did find their own paradise.

In Nadine's witty, but informative book, Happier Than A Billionaire, she does not just focus on all of the good experiences on dropping everything and moving to paradise.

She describes the ups and downs, she and her husband experinced. In fact, Nadine's been bitten by a bullet ant, slept with scorpions between her sheets, and hiked into a cave where a frisky crocodile was waiting for her.  Yet, as she so elegantly says, "And you know what?  It is still better than a day in the office."

During this week's Live Life Aggressively podcast, Nadine joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

Part One:

  • What events led to the ultimate decision for Nadine & Rob to drop everything, leave it all, and start a new "life" in Costa Rica
  • Why Nadine feels it's better to not fight the demons (stop doing the things that don't serve you), instead of bargaining with them (trying to just ween yourself off of bad habits), and how it has worked for her
  • Why most of the people around you won't support your radical idea
  • What was the "a-ha moment" for Nadine's husband while he was scrubbing algae with a toothbrush
  • Why being broke equaled happier times for Nadine and Rob
  • What is the real reason people are hoarders
  • Why the "comparison game" can be detrimental to making any major changes
  • What you need to know before moving to a new country
  • Why Nadine wrote "Happier Than A Billionaire," and how she did not expect its success, as well as all of the business opportunities the book's success has opened
  • How taking charge of their life and following their gut to move to Costa Rica led to both Rob and Nadine improving their heath, pursing careers they were actually passionate about, and truly experiencing an exciting life
  • Why we should travel in order to gain a different perspective of the rest of the world beyond the info & images the media feeds us & what we can learn from travel in terms of living a happier life
  • Why it's never a good idea to get advice from miserable people

Part Two - Mike & Sincere discuss:

  • Korn, the drunk girl, and flatulence-infested drunken rescue: just another concert weekend for Mike, in Las Vegas
  • What is the best form of entertainment in Las Vegas, & it's not the shows, plus it's F-R-E-E!
  • When men think they are the biggest mack daddy & why most women would agree that they are wrong
  • The Playboy Club, skirt shirts, and Pikachu
  • What women need to know about almost all men, and how this knowledge will make women's lives so much easier
  • Mike & Sincere answer this week's listener questions 
  • When semi-overtraining can be a good thing
  • Why a two week + vacation may be what you need to reduce inflammation, high cortisol, and adrenal fatigue
  • Are you having enough daily bowel movements?
  • Mike & Sincere share some of their biggest training mistakes at the beginning of their training career

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