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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jul 26, 2013

Episode 12 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure. This week, we are joined by someone who is not only one of the most highly respected fitness professionals in the industry, but also one of the most scholarly, worldly, and charitable individuals you will meet. Oh yeah, rumor has it he may be a bit strong, and a bit athletic, too ;-)

All kidding aside, it is an honor for us to speak with this week's guest, Dan John (

Dan joins us this week to discuss:

  • How Dan handles anonymous critics (aka "keyboard gangsters") on the internet
  • How the addition of kettlebells training can help address missing fundamentals of other schools of training
  • How a 25 cent per month gym membership provided Dan with a lifetime of  invaluable training and coaching skills
  • Dan explains why he was stronger as a high school freshman than most of his current internet critics
  • How one "cult" became the detriment of Dan's early college training
  • Dan identifies the "one" client,, every trainer/coach should fire...right away
  • Dan explains the correlation between "free will," "shaving cream," "shaving gel" and how this can help fitness professionals, their clients, as well as their own training
  • Dan shares the top 4 things that drive him crazy in the fitness industry.
  • Why should Dan be allowed to slap the face of negative anonymous internet posters
  • Dan tells us about some of the most extreme diets he's experienced
  • Dan shares the 3 E's that comprise his current daily "diet/lifestyle."
  • Dan shares how community involvement contributes to mental toughness
  • How Dan's educational journey lead him to quite a few degrees, including a degree in religious studies, attaining a Fulbright scholarship, and studying in the Middle East
  • Dan John speaks about his twitter alter ego: @fakedanjohn
  • And why is Mike and Sincere having a serious discussion about Ava Gardner, Jane Fonda, and "On Golden Pond?"
  • Plus, what Sincere & Mike have in common with Pulp Fiction