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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jun 21, 2013

Episode 7 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined by our guest & friend, comedian John Heffron. John is known to many as one of the standout winners of the show "Last Comic Standing," as well as his very own podcast. However, John is also an avid fitness lover and Jui-Jitsu practitioner.

This week the 3 of us discuss:

  • Why all fitness product creators NEED John on their mailing list
  • Why fitness is a necessity...even in comedy
  • John discusses training in the company of porn stars, child stars, & The the same time
  • How John deals with hecklers
  • John's Best/Worst comedic experience involving Kermit the Frog & The Muppets
  • John's bar room brawl with a Nebraska basketball team
  • John's discusses famous comedic mental meltdowns
  • John shares his experience with Jonathan Lipnicki (the kid from Jerry McGuire) & what he's doing now
  • The problem with most protein powders & pre-packaged meal programs
  • We discuss the problem w/folks wanting free info products..women sexualized in fitness...& Zuzana Light.....well...just because....
  • John's approach to training, after 40
  • The benefits of fitness apps
  • John & Sincere share their "radio days" experiences
  • First it was Tupac, but next up...Hologram Trainers
  • How Lucy Liu played a big part in starting John's career
  • Body hair removal & "an-l bleaching'