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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Jun 7, 2013

Episode 5 is now available for your downloading & listening pleasure, below. This week, we are joined by our guest Jackson Yee. Jackson is the creator of the popular blog, Mental Toughness Guy (

This week the 3 of us discuss:

  • The Perfection Misconception aka "Analysis Paralysis"
  • Jackson's Journey From Teaching In South Central L.A. to Crossfit
  • The Benefits & Appeals of Crossfit vs. Bodybuilding -style Training
  • How Tough Physical Training Carries Over Into Tough Fiscal Training
  • Jackson's Love/Hate Relationship w/most Crossfit Programs
  • The Downside of Treating Your Training Program Like Entertainment
  • Litvinov Training & Jackson's Other Favorite Workouts for Mental Toughness
  • The Negative Aspects of Just "Being Positive," & Other Self-Help Guru B.S.
  • The Crutch Known As "Support" Addiction
  • Four Personality Types To Avoid via "The Celestine Prophecy"  
  • Jackson's Most Responsive Readers Of His Blog & It's Not Who You Think
  • How Mental Toughness Training Can Help You Surpass Your Goals
  • Using Olympic Lifting To Overcome Fear 
  • Jackson's Academy Award Winning "Skinny Fat" Experience