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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Sep 17, 2018

LLA Premium Episode #236: LLA Show fan favorite, Christian Thibaudeau, returns to what has to be one of our favorite episodes of the year, and favorite chats with Christian, as he discusses the following:

  • Mike talks the benefits of high frequency deadlifting
  • What is "strength skill" and why does Christian feel it is something trainees need
  • What exercises respond best to high frequency training
  • Why is proper push up technique important in regards to building upper back strengthand avoiding injury
  • Christian talks dopamine depletion, glutamate, and the pussification of America
  • How does glutamate play a part in neuro-transmitters, alzheimer's, and bipolar disorder
  • How did fat-shaming play a part in Christian's current training and coaching career
  • Christian shares how the early days of online trolling pushed him to refocus his training
  • Christian talks about the pros and cons of the body positivity movement 
  • Why people need to reevaluate the push for equal pay and everyone having their "fair share"
  • Christian shares how he may have committed two felonies, while trying to impress a woman, when he was younger
  • Christian discusses the misconception of body fat percentages

All this and much more:
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