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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Aug 6, 2014

One of our more popular guests, Ken Blackburn (, returns with his son Mitch. Mitch spent most of his childhood as the shorter, skinnier kid, compared to most of the kids he grew up with. However, in one summer, he became morbidly obese. How did Mitch find his way from skinny, to obese, to becoming a high level kettlebell sport athlete, the youngest kettlebell Master of Sport in the U.S., & packing on size, strength, and muscle? Also, what role did Ken play in Mitch's transformation and what other parents can learn from the relationship between Ken & Mitch?


Tune in, as we discuss all of this, as well as the following:


How did kettlebell sport take a page out of the computer giant, Apple's playbook, in terms of women in the sport

What is Ken's opinion as to why women's attraction to kettlebell sport is growing at an even faster pace than ever before

Is efficient kettlebell sport training detrimental to physique composition

When is bodybuilder-styled training useful when used with kettlebell sport training

Why Ken is getting "beach body ready" for Las Vegas & why Mr. Olympia competitors should be excited

Ken describes his relationship with his son, Mitch and how their relationship has played a major role in his sports accomplishments  

What was it about kettlebell training that appealed to Mitch, as a teen, and how did it lead him to go from being a morbidly obese kid to becoming lean, as well as the youngest Master of Sport in the U.S.

How does Ken avoid being the over-bearing father, who has been an active athlete for most of his life, and not pressure Mitch to do the same

Why taking your son to the "Bunny Ranch" is not the best father/son bonding experience

How did Mitch go from being a skinny kid to morbidly obese, over the course of a summer

Why addiction is very similar to One Direction, Harry Styles, & waking up face down and nude in a hotel hallway

Why having cheat meals is the suckiest form of motivation & why it's like having a questionable relationship

How parents who try to be their kid's best friend get it wrong and how they can fix it

Why all things that may be "gluten free" may not be that healthy, especially at "questionable" establishments in Las Vegas ;-)

Ken discusses how to train around injuries

The guys finally discuss upcoming UFC matchups, including the Jon Jones/Daniel Cormier media day beatdown

Why this is a great month to donate to


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