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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

May 22, 2014

Josh Henkin ( is the creator of the Ultimate Sandbag Training System & DVRT (Dynamic Variable Resistance Training). For nearly a decade, Josh has been on the forefront of utilizing sandbag training as the go-to tool for improving rotational movement, enhancing other fitness and sports-specific training, as well as a great tool for fat loss, improving stability, strength, and power. Josh teaches his DVRT system around the globe, and has found great success in creating a training tool that has stood the test of time, in an industry full of gimmicks and snake-oil salesmen.
During this episode of the LLApodcast, Josh shares the following:
  • Josh explains how and why he created his latest book on sandbag training and how he partnered with Dragon Door
  • Josh shares the ups and downs of creating his Ultimate Sandbag System 
  • Although Josh's sandbags were not the first, Josh shares why his sandbags are much better than the "poor man's" homemade Home Depot sandbag
  • What exactly is DVRT and why it is not necessarily just "sandbag training"
  • Josh shares what type of feedback he's experienced from trainers and trainees over the years, compared to other types of training that features sandbags and other training implements
  • How much of Josh's own training is based on sandbag training
  • How does training with Josh's DVRT translate to other training goals such as powerlifting, olympic lifting, football, etc. and how DVRT can help athletes improve in those areas
  • Josh shares how much inspiration he received from Brooks Kubik's writings on sandbag training and how what he created is different
  • What are the common problems Josh sees in the kettlebell community andh ow does his DVRT system serve as a compliment to kettlebell training
  • How are sandbags ideal for rotational movement, compared to other training implements
  • How do Ultimate sandbags compare to Bulgarian bags and why the rotational movements are different
  • Why the ultimate sandbag is the perfect tool to carry on any trip, no matter what the weight
  • Why is the ultimate sandbag a highly favored training tool in countries such as Japan
  • Why is the ultimate sandbag system is not as popular in the Crossfit community
  • What was Josh's response to his Ultimate Sandbag system being feature on The Biggest Loser, as well as how his system has been received by the general population
  • What does Josh & the character Keller from the TV show "Oz" have in common, and how was an incident in the restroom w/ Steve Maxwell connected by this comparison 
  • Josh shares his opinions of the current RKC, and what he likes and what changes he would still like to see in the organization
All this and much more:

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