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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Apr 28, 2014

Amy Dumas (, better known by her stage moniker "Lita," is a former professional wrestler, recent WWE Hall of Fame inductee, member of the punk rock group Luchigors, as well as a plant-based athlete, fitness instructor, & animal rights advocate.

Amy joins Mike & Sincere to discuss her wrestling career, punk rock influences, addiction in the wrestling industry, strength training, plant-based nutrition, kettlebells, the recent death of the Ultimate Warrior, animal rights, as well as the following:


  • Amy shares how she went from playing in punk rock bands to becoming a professional wrestler
  • What can lawsuit-happy American sports fan can learn from Mexico's Lucha Libre fans
  • Why was it hard for Amy to remain on a plant-based diet, when she first joined the WWE 
  • How did Amy out Bryan Danielson (a.k.a. Daniel Bryan) during the podcast
  • Why did Amy say she wants to just lift heavy sh#% & be strong
  • Why is being detached from the process of food production and consumption an issue, no matter what type of dietary lifestyle you choose
  • Who were Amy's musical influences and how did those bands influence her life in and out of the ring
  • Why buying punk rock t-shirts at Target or Hot Topic is not punk rock
  • What is the parallel with the hardcore punk group 7 Seconds and pop star Paula Abdul
  • Amy & Sincere discuss why the "Attitude Era" of the WWE is the greatest era of professional wrestling & why there will not be a time in pro wrestling that will ever come close to that time period anytime soon
  • What you can learn from ECW (Extreme Championship Wrestling) in terms of your goals and life
  • Amy discusses the tragic and sudden deaths of wrestling superstars such as the Ultimate Warrior & Test, as well as how addiction plays and doesn't play a part in these events
  • What do we really know about addiction and are those on the outside looking in, too quick to judge addictive behaviors
  • Why everyone is some form of an addict....yes....even YOU
  • How did Amy avoid all of the temptations that have consistently plagued the wrestling industry  
  • Amy discusses how she got into strength training after becoming a pro wrestler & also how she became interested in training with kettlebells
  • Amy discusses her animal welfare organization A.D.O.R.E.
  • What events brought Amy to the decision to discontinue making music and touring with her band Luchigors
  • Amy shares how she's contributing to Scott Shetler's book in order to raise money for Mercy For Animals

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