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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Mar 24, 2014

Sabina Skala ( is a certified and highly experienced Strength and Conditioning Coach.  Sabina has trained & presented internationally alongside a number of the world's top Strength and Conditioning Coaches including Mark Twight (Gym Jones), Mike Mahler, Andy Bolton, and Brooks Kubik, to name a few.  

Her stable of clients includes professional MMA athletes and other top combat sports professionals. Sabina has also successfully trained top male models,  military personnel, rugby, golf and polo players, climbers and dancers.  She has contributed to publications in Men's Fitness and The Guardian, also appeared as a guest on Super Human Radio.    

Sabina joins us on episode #64 to discuss:

  • Sabina shares how she got into training, as well as training pro MMA fighters
  • What methods do Sabina to successfully coach MMA fighters with their strength and conditioning programs
  • How does Sabina addresses fighters who think lifting weights will make them bulky and slow
  • Sabina shares how she deals with fighters who may not take her seriously because she is a "female" strength coach
  • What are the biggest gimmicks in strength and conditioning for MMA fighters that infuriates Sabina and why
  • How does Sabina address nutrition for fighters that work with her
  • What lead Sabina to give up sausage
  • How did becoming a vegan heighten Sabina's food sensitivities
  • The problem with massive weight cuts
  • Sabina shares how Europeans deal with depression
  • Sabina discusses what life was like growing up in communist Poland
  • Is genderism even worth a conversation 
  • How does Sabina feel about female fitness pros who focus mostly on selling their looks instead of their coaching services
  • Under-boob selfies, butt cheek deadlifts, and being a female fitness pro
  • Sabina shares some of her top "fitness-creeper" stories
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