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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Nov 10, 2016

Friend of the show and popular guest, James Pond, returns for this special Veteran's Day edition of the LLA Show to discuss the following::
  • James discusses why he transitioned from Hope For Justice to Veteran's Path
  • James describes how civilians can get more involved with supporting our veterans
  • How does Veteran's Path utilize natural therapies & hormone optimization to assist veterans adjust to civilian life
  • The guys discuss the world's worst psychiatrist
  • James shares some of the deep personal breakthroughs he experienced while participating in a retreat with Veteran's Path
  • How does Veteran's Path help vets, who are used to intense situations, be receptive to meditation
  • What is James and his wife, Athena's, current involvement with Hope For Justice
  • How does Veteran's Path plan to expand their reach to more veteran-dense populations in the U.S.
  • How does the structure and processes James help foster with Transitions Global and Hope For Justice help him foster growth with Veteran's Path
All this and much more:
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