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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Apr 7, 2016

Corey Beasley, is the owner of Innovative Results training center in Costa Mesa, CA. & is a top MMA Strength and Conditioning coach who has worked with MMA athletes such as the UFC's Ian McCall, Jessica Penne, James "Lightning" Wilks, Carla Esparza, and others. Corey joins us to discuss the following:
  • Corey shares how he effectively designs training programs for combat athletes
  • What is the ideal training situation for combat athletes & how can it help reduce injuries among fighters
  • Corey shares what UFC vet Shane Carwin observed from today's combat athlete that he wished he and other pros had experienced
  • What is the first thing every coach should do with their athlete
  • Corey shares how he assesses his combat athletes before beginning personalized training program 
  • Corey shares his opinion of Nick Curson's style of coaching, and strength and conditioning for combat athletes
  • What is Corey's approached to volume and conditioning when training combat athletes & how does mobility and stability come into play
  • Corey discusses what Randy Couture shared with him in terms of how he was able to compete for so long
  • Corey discusses his approach to working with all of the coaches involved with a combat athlete's training camp 
All this and much more:
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