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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Feb 16, 2015

Billy Graziadei is  the lead vocalist for Biohazard and the former guitarist for Suicide City. 
Billy is known to frequently speak about the realities of inner city life in New York while promoting tolerance, speaking out against racism and opposing drug abuse. 

Graziadei has been training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu for several years, holding a brown belt in the art. He trains under UFC co-founder Rorion Gracie and his sons Ryron and Rener at their school in Torrance, California. Billy takes a moment to join us on the LLA Podcast to discuss the following:
  • What was the inspiration for signature sound of Biohazard
  • How did Biohazard's environment create the perfect bridge to connecting with hip hop artists such as Cypress Hill, Onyx, and others
  • Billy shares a story of how he and the band dealt with a racist situation during a show in Pennsylvania, & how they used their musical platform to combat such scenes of negativity
  • Billy shares how his views on health & fitness differ from what most perceive in terms of the hardcore music scene
  • Billy discusses how he utilizes the Gracie Diet and how he had difficulty comprehending it at first
  • What benefits of the Gracie Diet can be applied to your current eating regimen right now
  • How did Billy get into jiu-jitsu and how did he begin training withe legendary Gracie family
  • Billy describes performing overseas and describes the differences and similarities to life in the U.S.
  • Why is Biohazard's latest album not available on iTunes
  • Billy shares what it takes for music artists to make it in a world of low record sales, piracy, and cheesy commercial music 
  • What can you earn from the lifestyle of musicians, such as Billy & Bioazard, and how can you apply it to your life or business
All this and much more:
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