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Live Life Aggressively Podcast w/Mike Mahler & Sincere Hogan

Nov 21, 2013

Actor Roger Cross ( is best known for his roles as CTU agent Curtis Manning from the iconic series "24," Travis Venta from the SyFy channel hit "Continuum," & Lucas Hilton on the #1 show on the CW, "Arrow."

During episode #31 of the Live Life Aggressively podcast, Roger joins Mike & Sincere to discuss:

  • How the show began withRoger vs Sincere  & how they "really" felt about the UFC 167: GSP vs. Hendricks decision. aka: Canada vs. Texas 2
  • Roger shares how he goes against the norm by consistently finding new acting roles each year, since his start in 1989 and how you can apply this to your own life
  • Roger discusses who had the suckiest character ending, his character Agent Curtis Manning (24) or fellow "Arrow" co-star Manu Bennett's character, Crixus (Spartacus
  • How close to reality is the storyline of Roger's current hit show, "Continuum" (Syfy) to the issues of today's world
  • Why Sincere won't ever upgrade his flat screen TV or buy an Xbox Kinect
  • When having good credit makes you a target for harassment
  • What areas Roger draws upon in order to prepare for a role
  • Who is the worst actor ever to be seen in drag?....and it's NOT Roger.
  • A legitimate actor's view of the reality show effect
  • Race, Hollywood, sexism, & exceptions to the rule & why no one wins
  • What roles will Roger absolutely not do & why
  • Roger's journey to leave what he went to school to do, in exchange for his current career & how he almost died in the process
  • How Roger juggles family and a busy acting career
  • What Roger has learned from the actor's that have influenced him
  • Roger shares his fitness regimen for his current roles
  • Roger's advice to up and coming actors & how this advice can help no matter what career path you choose.
  • What Roger thinks about the 2014 reboot of "24"

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